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Reservations are final after payment and must be made before departure. If the weather conditions do not allow sailing on the date of departure, the parties involved will be contacted as soon as possible to agree on a new date as soon as it is available for both parties. A minimum occupancy of 6 people is required for a departure.

When other ports are visited (midweeks, weekends, ...) at the request of the customer, all costs and taxes must be reimbursed by the customer. If, due to circumstances, these trips are forced to take place on a motorbike, the costs of fuel will also be borne by the customer. When using the home port there will be no additional charges for the port. Food or drinks are also not included on longer trips and this can be discussed before the trip.

Attention: this is a sporty and adventurous tour, you must be in good health and have no back, knee or neck problems, among other things. When booking, the customer agrees to the possible health risks associated with a trip and can under no circumstances hold the organization responsible for this.

Children are only allowed under supervision from the age of 12 and may only go around on the boat accompanied by their parents. Safety first!

Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be refused without any justification and without refund of the amounts paid. SMOKING is strictly prohibited both indoors and outdoors to avoid fire hazard.

The passengers also agree not to damage the boat or equipment. If this is the case, all costs will be charged to the person responsible for the facts.

Only shoes with a white soft sole are allowed on board. If the customer does not have this, mandatory protective covers for the shoes are available or the shoes can simply be removed. Shoes with heels or hard soles are not allowed, not even with protective covers.

Only drinks and food purchased on board are allowed be consumed. Bringing your own drinks and food is therefore prohibited.

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